OKMCOIN : Best solution for Token holders and Miners

While the world of cryptocurrency may seem volatile and mysteriously more and more ICOs keep popping up here and there and especially in Singapore, which besides being a leading financial center Singapore has emerged as the third largest ICO market globally and the leading hub for ICO in Asia. Many have joined the fray, small and large, either as miners or investors in coins and tokens, and for everyone else who is considering it there is a new solution on the market in Singapore and its OKMcoin.

OKMcoin is an Ethereum based token representing the right to purchase Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing Capacity (Hardware), Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing Ability (Software) and products/services provided by OKM group of companies. OKMCoin will provide packages and discounts when purchasing different capacity and ability for mining of different types of crypto currencies. OKMcoin is backed by OKM group of companies.

OKMcoin aims to create, facilitate and maintain a global marketplace for Transaction Processing Capacity and Transaction Processing Ability and that’s not all, OKMcoin can also be used to purchase services and products by OKM Group of Companies. These will include Accounting Services, Event Management Services, Antiques and Healthcare Products. A nifty incentive for OKMcoin’s investors.

The main strength of OKMcoin and what makes it unique lies in that it will allow holders to enter and exit cryptocurrency mining investments at any time at a cheap, profitable cost through its aggressive discounts.

Their Transaction Processing Capacity and Ability comes from top locations in Singapore. Their mining farms employ state of the art technologies such as advanced efficiency cooling systems, dust free vacuum sealed environments and proprietary python tools– guaranteeing a good efficiency/machine uptime rating, the highest in the market.

Image via Malaya Chronicles