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OKMcoin is an ERC20 token representing the right to purchase and trade Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing Capacity (Hardware) and Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing Ability (Software). Additionally, OKMcoins can be used to purchase products, services and mobile application subscriptions provided by OKM group of companies (OKM).

OKM will give OKMcoin holders attractive discounts when purchasing different capacity and ability packages. OKM is planning to launch a series of OKM Mobile Apps in third quarter of 2019. OKMcoin is backed by OKM group of companies.

  • OKM Farms

    OKMcoins can be used to purchase the following:
    1. CTPC - Hardware
    2. CTPA - Software

  • OKM Services

    OKMcoins can be used to pay for the following services.
    1. Accounting Services
    2. Event Management Services
    3. Financial Education Services
    4. Essential Services

  • OKM Products

    OKMcoins can be used to pay for the products in the following portals.
    1. Healthcare E-commerce Portal
    2. Antiques Trading Portal
    3. Cryptocurrency Mining Packages Portal
    4. End to End ICO Packages Portal

  • OKM Apps

    OKMcoins can be used to pay for the subscriptions.
    1. OKM Cryptocurrency/Blockchain News
    2. OKM Mobile Mining Apps
    3. OKM Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates

OKMcoin Benefits

  • Bonus Hash Power Quarterly

    OKMcoin holders will receive Hash Power Rewards Quarterly. The Hash Power can be used by the token holders to mine for other cryptocurrencies. The Hash Power Reward is dependent on coin market conditions and farm outputs.

  • Bonus ARTcoins in 2019

    At end of 2019, holders of OKMcoins will receive ARTcoins. ARTcoins can be used to purchase antiques and pay for the consultancy fees to verify the authenticity of an antique product. For each 10 OKMcoins, the holders will receive 1 ARTcoin. You can look forward to earning ARTcoins at the end of 2019.

  • Trade on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    OKMcoin will be listed on several exchanges by end of 2018. One of our target exchange is https://www.huobi.pro We are taking great efforts to increase the utility of the coins thus increasing the demand of the coins. This will increase the value of OKMcoins over time. We are projecting the following prices in the following years.

  • Purchase and Trade our CTPC/CTPA Packages

    Our Transaction Processing Capacity and Ability Packages are expected to increase in price due to increased demand for hardware and software. Our token holders should be able to make a profit when the prices increase. They can sell the packages in our OKM mining platforms.

  • Mine coins

    OKMcoin holders can use our packages to mine coins of their choice. Since they bought the packages at discounted prices, they should be able to make a profit when they mine the coins of their choice.

  • Purchase products and services

    OKM Group provides different products and services as explained earlier. We are adding more products and services to increase the utility of the coins. OKMcoin holders can purchase our products and services to gain benefits out of it. They can use OKMcoins to pay for our mobile subscriptions too.

OKMcoins will be distributed free during Airdrop period. OKMcoins will be offered for sale during the Pre-ICO for 30 days from 1 June to 30 June 2018. There will be three phases of the ICO sale following the pre-sale, each lasting one month, starting 1 July 2018 and ending 30 September 2018.


Soft Cap: 10 million

Hard Cap: 20 million

Total: 100 million

  • Early Buyers: USD 0.35 – 0.80

  • Pre-ICO: USD 0.50

  • ICO: USD 0.80

  • Exchange: USD 0.80

Company 60%

  • Team 5%

  • Airdrop 5%

  • Pre ICO 10%

  • ICO 20%


Mr. Ong Kai Min


Mr. Ong graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering (2nd Upper Hon) from the Nanyang Technological University with exchanges in Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) and Peking University (China). With more than 15 years of business and banking experience, he also helms the position of CEO, OKM Holdings Pte. Ltd. which is involved in 8 different businesses.

Mr Ong Lian Kee


Mr. Ong is the President of the Singapore Chinatown Snuff Bottle Society and director of SYKM Fine Arts Pte Ltd. He heads the antiques trading business under OKM Holdings and selects Fine Chinese Art to be acquired under the company’s collection.

Mdm Ng Soo Yee


Mdm. Ng graduated from Nanyang Technological University and has more than 30 years’ experience in accounting, book keeping, auditing and tax advisory. She heads the account business under OKM Holdings and is also the CFO of the company.

Ms Fu Yaoai


Ms. Fu has a bachelor’s degree from the National University of Singapore and is now in charge of events planning for the events management business in OKM Holdings.

Mr William Neo


Mr. Neo has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT Industry, specializing in computer hardware. He will oversee ensuring crypto mining farms under OKM Holdings function well and engage innovative technology in all aspects of the company.

Ms Phyllis Foo


MS Foo has more than10 years in working for major financial institutions and will head the administrative team at OKM Holdings.

Ms Lindy Han


Ms. Han graduated with a First-Class Honors (Business) from Nanyang Technological University and now heads the sales team at OKM Holdings.

Ms Li Huanyi


Ms. Li graduated from the Nanyang Polytechnic School of Industrial Design and now heads the design team at OKM Holdings. She also aids in client relationship management at the company.

Honorary Board of Advisors

The board of advisors are carefully selected to bring diverse views from different industry leaders to enable OKM Holdings to have the best advice and direction on their future business developments.

Mr Chris Wang

Mr. Wang is a renowned businessman in Guangzhou, China owning businesses spanning across financials, restaurants, entertainment, manufacturing, fund management and exchanges.

Mr Derick Ng

Mr. Ng is CEO of C7 Traders and owns a high successful agriculture business. His vast business experience will bring about new business ideas and developments for OKM Holdings.

Dr Carol Choong

Dr Choong is a globally renowned anesthetist, specializing in cardiology and runs a successful firm focusing on merger and acquisitions.

Mr Chua Choon Chee (CPA)

Mr. Chua has more than 25 years’ experience in the finance industry, specializing in accounting, auditing, and tax advisory.

Mr Liu Shouben

Mr. Liu is a top artist and painter in Beijing and is recognized by China as a Master of Arts and Crafts. He receives special recognition from The China State Council is also the Vice President of Snuff Bottle Council in China. He is also an Honorary Life Member of International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society.